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Don’t stress, we deal with people in your situation everyday. Read below how we dealt with some of our clients in similar situations to you.

First home buyer or investor

As a first time borrower looking to purchase a home or investment property, it can be hard to know where to begin and how to get started. Understanding your borrowing ability and what is required to achieve a successful outcome is probably the first and most important step any potential property owner should undertake. The team at Orium have countless years of experience in dealing with situations just like yours and can take you through the many steps required to successfully purchase your first property.

  • Not sure of the process and where to start
  • Don’t know how much you can borrow and what deposit you’ll need
  • Need assistance putting together a property team such as solicitors and buyers agents

Read our clients stories on how we assisted them as a first home buyer or investor.

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Existing home-owner looking to upgrade, invest or find a better rate

As an existing home-owner you’ve been thinking about upgrading the family home, accessing equity to buy an investment property or just searching for a better interest rate as your current home loan has become uncompetitive.

The team at Orium Finance have the experience, technical expertise, and relationships to help you achieve your finance objectives. We’ll start with understanding what your current lender can offer, then we’ll workshop your situation and identify the best solution in the marketplace.

  • Been thinking of upgrading but not sure that your current bank will support you
  • Feel like the honeymoon is over with your existing bank and feel like better rates can be achieved elsewhere
  • Want to access equity from your home to fund an investment, but don’t know where to start

Read our clients stories on how we assisted home owners.

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Businesses or individuals with complicated financial structures

You know your situation doesn’t fit neatly like someone earning a regular salary, but you still need someone you can rely on to help you achieve your financial objectives. The traditional route to borrowing money won’t work for you, as you need someone with the technical expertise and know how to position your situation favourably to the right bank.

The team at Orium Finance have extensive knowledge in dealing with complex situations like yours and are more than capable of understanding a balance sheet or explaining distributions from a family trust. We also hold high level relationships with many of the private banking teams, who are more accustomed to dealing with borrowers like you.

  • You know your situation is too complex for the local bank manager or mortgage broker
  • Operate complex structures including businesses and family trust
  • Have inconsistent income due to trading fluctuations and tax payment

Read our clients stories on how we assisted them with complex borrowing structures.

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