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Arrange your home loan
with Orium Finance

Buying or upgrading your home is one of the most important decisions that you’ll ever make in your lifetime. Having the right finance partner to take you through the process from beginning to end can be the difference between securing your dream property or missing out!

  • Arrange a pre-assessment of your borrowing capacity to understand how much you can spend on your home
  • Not every bank will love your circumstances, find out which lender is the best fit for you
  • Let our team hold your hand throughout the entire process, including negotiating the best rate for you
Lenders we work with:

How we work with you


Understand your objectives

Meeting or call with you to understand your immediate funding needs and long-term borrowing objectives


Assess your financials

Assess your lending capacity


Compare your funding options

Analyse the features, rates and benefits of dozens of loans (including the major banks) and craft a lending solution tailored to your strategy


Present funding options

Present you with the most suitable lending solutions for your strategy, explaining the different package features and impacts on your overall objectives


Assist your decision

Help you select your preferred lending solution so you’re confident in your decision


Manage application process

Guide you through the application process, making it easy for yous


Facilitate approval

Guide you through the application process, making it easy for yous


On-going support

On-going reviews and personal advice to ensure you have the right package as market conditions change

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