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Residential lending

Independent and strategic expertise

At Orium Finance we’re more than your typical mortgage brokers. We’re your independent finance specialists, with years of banking, finance and business advisory experience on our side.

We take a strategic approach to lending, ensuring you have a solution that works for you now and into the future. We analyse the features, rates and benefits from a large range of competitive lenders, so you can be assured you have the right deal for you.

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Unprecedented service

Buying and upgrading property can be stressful enough without navigating the array of loan options and confusing application forms. At Orium we work with you to make the process manageable.

Your dedicated financial specialist will thoroughly review your lending options, then partner with you throughout the application and settlement process. As a result, the complexity is removed and the process is streamlined.

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How we work with you

  1. Understand your objectives

    Meeting or call with you to understand your immediate funding needs and long-term borrowing objectives
  2. Assess your financials

    Assess your lending capacity
  3. Compare your funding options

    Analyse the features, rates and benefits of dozens of loans (including the major banks) and craft a lending solution tailored to your strategy
  4. Present funding options

    Present you with the most suitable lending solutions for your strategy, explaining the different package features and impacts on your overall objectives
  5. Assist your decision

    Help you select your preferred lending solution so you're confident in your decision
  6. Manage application process

    Guide you through the application process, making it easy for you
  7. Facilitate approval

    Work with the selected lending and any of your advisors to facilitate a fast approval
  8. On-going support

    On-going reviews and personal advice to ensure you have the right package as market conditions change

Why choose us

Strategic lending solutions tailored to you

Access to a wide range of lenders

Discounted interest rates

Management of your application process

On-going reviews of your loan package

After-hours access

On-call personal advice post settlement

Whether you’re buying a home, an investment property, looking to renovate or simply want to check you’re getting the best deal on your mortgage, Orium Finance are experts that make it easy.

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