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Josh, NSW Complex borrowing structure

Borrowing type:

High LVR investment strategy

Borrowing structure:

Trust and personal lending

Finance partner:

Josh, 40, Sydney, NSW

  • Moved with his wife to Australia from South Africa
  • Wants to build wealth through property
  • Both partners in professional services firm looking to maximise lending strategy with access to lenders who recognise career and provide exclusive products


  • Placed with lender providing high LVR (loan to value ratio) and no LMI (lenders mortgage insurance)
  • Allowed Josh to rapidly grow investment portfolio

Challenges and concerns

Josh moved to Australia from South Africa in 2008 where he rented in Sydney for 6 years. He wasn’t educated on the way the Australian banks work, so he began working with Luke, Orium’s Director, in 2014 to get a home loan. His main goal going forward was to build wealth and Luke was able to assist with this process.

In 2015, Josh changed income structure, so he was no longer earning a PAYG salary. This new structure fell outside most lenders policy, which makes it more difficult to get a loan approval.

Working with Orium

We placed Josh with St George due to the banks experience with complex employment and income structures. They have expertise and policy that recognises his income structure and were able to assist in building his property portfolio, whilst saving on interest rates.

“Luke was really great in explaining my complex situation to the banks in order to get loans approved”.

The Outcome

Josh bought two properties in Brisbane through our sister company, Binnari Property. We assisted Josh with the mortgages over 18 months. St George allowed Josh to borrow up to 90% without having to pay lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) across all properties. This enabled Josh to maximise his investment tax deductible debt. Borrowing more also meant Josh didn’t need to contribute as much of his savings, which allowed him to buy multiple properties.

We then helped him purchase a house in the Northern Beaches as a lifestyle asset. Because Josh worked with us instead of going straight to the banks, we were able to negotiate a much bigger loan than if he were to go straight to the bank.

“Orium were really good at explaining the process to me and resolving my concerns. Luke set us up really well when we purchased our first home because he structured the loan to be 60% interest only and principal interest for the rest – which I had no idea I could do. Working with Orium was just so simple, it’s a one stop shop.”

“Luke always goes above and beyond to ensure that St George bank is always looking after us. I know he’s my mortgage broker, but I feel like he’s more than that.”

“I had to break a loan, which costs Orium a trading commission which he was more than happy to do for me. I know a lot of mortgage brokers who wouldn’t do that.”

“I now have nine loans with St George, so I am regularly meeting up with Orium. Every time we go through a new loan process, Orium make sure that St George continue to provide the best interest rates possible.”

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Hear from Josh

“I’ve had a couple of different mortgage brokers reach out to me through my job because we work with all the big banks, but I really felt like a number there. Luke really understands my situation, the way I want to work, the way my wife and I earn money and that I want to take time off. You want to work with someone that takes the time to understand you”.

Hear from Josh

“Whenever I’ve needed to chat to Luke about something he’s always there to answer my call. I called him on the weekend as I wanted to put in an offer for a property, and he was there to help me straight away”.

Hear from Josh

“The best thing about working with Luke is that personal touch. He really understands what I need in terms of my business and personal life. Mortgage brokers that I’ve worked with in the past have spoken to me once and forgotten about me, whereas every 6 months I can expect a catchup organised by Luke.”

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