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Sam, NSW Refinance

Borrowing type:

Individual with partner

Borrowing structure:


Finance partner:

Sam – 32, Sydney, NSW

  • Look at options to potentially fund investment opportunities and renovations
  • Has two properties (investment & principal place of residence)
  • Wanted to organise finances


  • Refinanced owner occupied and investment debt into facilities with lower rates and more flexibility
  • Provided significant cashback
  • Identified borrowing capacity for second investment purchase
  • Released cash to fund renovations and swimming pool

Challenges and concerns

Sam and his wife own a heritage house in Sydney which they’ve made a lot of renovations to. Sam also owns part of an investment property with another family member.

“My wife didn’t love the fact that we bought a heritage house as she didn’t think it would go up in value too much.”

“When we bought it, we had to borrow money from multiple banks to ensure we could get the renovations finished, as we originally underestimated how much money we’d actually need to borrow.”

He was worried about approaching the bank directly as he knew they wouldn’t understand his situation. After knowing Luke at Orium for years, he wanted to work with someone he could trust and help build wealth.

Working with Orium

Now that Sam had completed his renovations, it was certain his home went up in value. We assisted Sam in getting a valuation on his home once the renovations were complete. When Sam bought the house he paid $680k. The valuation came back at $1.3m.

“I was shocked at how much the house was valued. It pretty much validated the decision we made to purchase and renovate.”

We dealt with the banks on Sam’s behalf to refinance his home loan, moving him from Westpac to St George bank. This resulted in Sam being in a better financial position, giving him more flexibility.

“Originally, I thought it was easier to stay with Westpac as I had multiple loans with them. I went to their bank manager and explained the situation, but they didn’t want to top up our mortgage because I was part of the loan on my investment property – they were making everything difficult. They couldn’t give us what we wanted so we went to Orium which opened up so many options for us”.

“Luke provided a lot of financial advice in regards to borrowing capacity etc, so I’m really glad that we worked with Orium as I wouldn’t have known how much to borrow and what bank to refinance with”.

The outcome

“We ended up borrowing more money but somehow the repayments went down! So we were very happy!”

“Luke helped us immensely. Our finances were all over the shop. I am one of four people on the loan for our investment property and my wife was a guarantor, so it was just extremely messy. I only have a small part of the mortgage to repay, however, when I need to borrow money the banks need to assess everyone on that mortgage – so the banks see it as more of a risk.”

We worked with the banks to remove Sam’s wife as a guarantor to simplify the situation.

“Luke took care of all of this for me. He took my wife off as a guarantor and was able to switch us over to St George, which he has a great relationship with.”

“Orium was also able to remove my dad as a guarantor of our loan for the house as the property increased in enough value. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to do that – Orium made it so easy for me”.

We continued to deal with the banks of Sam’s behalf to ensure that the process ran smoothly – we knew exactly what stage the loan was at, at any point in time. Sam was kept up to date throughout the process.

“The banks are really difficult nowadays, it’s not how it used to be. They require so much from the client which is hard to keep up with. So Luke was really helpful in smoothing out any road bumps and dealing with the banks on my behalf so I didn’t have to keep going back and forth. When the banks asked me for something that I was unsure about, Luke would sort it out for me”.

“Luke pushed the banks which meant we were able to get our loan in a timely manner, which gave us peace of mind. It’s great to be able to let the professionals deal with all the bank’s issues as they know what they’re doing”.

Hear from Sam

“I would not have known how to handle the refinance, given the messy situation I was in with the banks – that’s the best thing about dealing with a broker. Luke is passionate about what he does and genuinely cares about the outcome. He always gets everything done in a timely manner.”

Hear from Sam

“Orium genuinely took all the stress out of this whole process”.

Hear from Sam

“Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and chat to Orium. They hold your hand throughout the whole process and ensure you get the best result”.

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