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Melanie, NSW Refinance

Borrowing type:

Individual with partner

Borrowing structure:


Finance partner:

Her situation

  • Came to Orium to refinance for a third time
  • Has two properties (investment & principle place of residence)
  • Wanted to figure out borrowing capacity to eventually purchase more property


  • Refinanced owner occupied and investment debt into facilities with lower rates and more flexibility
  • Provided significant cashback
  • Identified borrowing capacity for second investment purchase

Challenges and concerns

“I worked with a different big name broker when I had to get my first and second mortgages for the houses as well as a refinance on both properties further down the line. I didn’t have a bad experience but I didn’t feel overly satisfied. I felt like a bit of a number being passed around from broker to assistant to another assistant. I really just wanted that one on one service.”

“I like to get a good bargain and my current loans weren’t locked in so I reached out to Orium to do another refinance.”

Working with Orium

We kept Melanie updated and communicated frequently during the loan application process. This ensured she was fully aware of what stage she was in and have no need to follow up. We also ensured that Melanie deals with the same person throughout the process so she knows exactly who to contact if any questions arise.

“I have several different bank accounts as a result of the previous mortgages and refinances so I wanted to consolidate those accounts as it was getting hard to manage money. Orium were able to help with this and transfer my loans, offset and savings account making it so much easier to manage.”

“I will always use a broker. If I hadn’t been recommended Orium I probably would have just gone back to my old broker not realising that I could be getting better service and deals. It was so much easier being able to talk to the same person every step of the way.”

“Every time I had questions or any problems that needed to be sorted out I would go to Orium and they would solve any issues for me. If there was ever a challenge during the process it didn’t feel like one.”

“The reason I choose a broker is that I know that you get the option of multiple banks. I would never go straight to a bank I will always see a broker it just makes much more sense. The main benefit of particularly going through Orium were that I was dealing with the same person the whole way through.”

The Outcome

We were able to refinance both the owner occupied and investment debt into facilities with lower rates and more flexibility. Along with these benefits we attained a significant cashback which gave Melanie some cash to purchase new furniture. She also wanted to see what sort of borrowing capacity she had for a second investment property purchase. We were able to look over her financial situation and provide an indicative amount without the need to put through a full application.

“I was really happy with the refinance deal I got which was $6000 cash back from the two different refinances and a better deal overall. I have even got a better deal again after doing that refinance. Who can say no to getting more money right!”

“Working with Orium has made me really accountable and saved me so much time. As much as I love a good deal, I don’t have the time to be looking for the best deal myself. There’s a lot of paperwork that goes into refinancing and I could have easily dismissed it but right now I am getting an extra $50  a week. Orium is constantly reaching out to me to make sure I am prioritising getting the best rate”.

Hear from Melanie

“I will 100% continue working with Orium which I have full trust in and feel comfortable enough to divulge my personal financial circumstances as I know they have my best interest at heart and wanted to get me that best deal for my personal scenario. They gave me the time of day so that I could explain all my personal goals”.

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